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Story Posted on 09-03-2019


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FAFT, Afghanistan-US, USA, International diplomacy

What did the Balakot air strikes achieve?

India needs to keep the pressure in the international forums to establish Pakistan's terror-mongering. We cannot afford laxity at a point when we have support from most other countries.


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NITI Aayog, Transformation of aspirational districts, Haryana, Mewat

U-turn to Progress: After decades of darkness, Mewat in Haryana's Nuh is moving towards development

From the tag of 'India’s most backward district', Mewat in Haryana has come a long way to now being the best performer amongst all the Aspirational Districts of India.


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Healthy Diet, Exercise, Breastfeeding, Pregnancy

The right way to lose weight after pregnancy

It is all about losing the postpartum weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. Stay positive, eat right and bond with the baby.