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Story Posted on 19-03-2019


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Holi food, Holi celebration, Holi parties, Bhaang

5 iconic dishes to make yours a truly happy Holi!

If there’s one festival that truly ensures you’re well-fed, it is Holi. And we're listing our top 5 picks for the glorious festival.


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Mayawati, BSP, Bhim Army, Chandrashekhar Azad

Can Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad dent Mayawati’s Dalit vote bank?

Both are reaching out to the same group of voters. But there are strong differences in the political language and emotive styles of both these leaders.


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Lok Sabha 2019 polls, Balakot air strike, Pulwama encounter, Nationalism

Congress has lost the narrative on national security

Once the natural party of governance, Congress has made the sort of blunders that even a political novice would be loath to making.


 |  RIGHT Foot Forward  |  8-minute read
Mainbhichowkidar, BJP, 2019 general elections, Narendra Modi

When the tide turns: How the political current is gradually favouring Narendra Modi once again

There is a realisation that the BJP may not have brought the promised ‘acche din’ but it has not been ‘burey din’ either.


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Holi holidays, Surf excel advertisement, Holi harassment, Holi

Please tell your children it's not okay to hit women with water balloons in the name of Holi!

While the jury is out over whether the recent detergent ad showing Holi promotes community enmity or amity, it sure is telling kids playing Holi with balloons is fine. No. It’s not.


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Consent, Animal abuse, Water scarcity, Holi 2019

Why Holi is one of the most unholy days of the year for me

People take ‘Bura na mano, Holi hai’ way too seriously. And that's my problem with the festival. If I want to be offended at getting groped or troubled, I bloody well will!


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Chowkidar chor hai, Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

Lessons from Bollywood: Why the ‘Main Bhi Chowkidaar’ tattoo is a terrible idea!

Stop! Stooooop! Think before you ink, hamare pyaare saffron brethren.


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Fake news, Pulwama encounter, CRPF

Fake news amidst national tragedy: The CRPF's second massive security challenge after the Pulwama attack

By Rema Rajeshwari IPS and Dr Suneem Ahmad Khan


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Goa chief minister, Manohar Parrikar, Goa politics, Pramod sawant

The real reason why BJP appointed Pramod Sawant as Goa chief minister

The young CM won Sankhalim, which was a Congress stronghold, both in 2012 and 2017's Assembly elections. He is believed to be a core RSS man and also a favourite of the late Manohar Parrikar.


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Thackeray biopic, The Accidental Prime Minister, Lok Sabha election 2019, Narendra modi biopic

Is the ‘PM Narendra Modi’ biopic funded by the opposition?

No, it is not. Then what could possibly be the reason for making it look so shabby and cartoonish?