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Story Posted on 27-03-2019


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Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, BJP, Congress

Child Sexual Abuse: It's a huge problem in India. Why don't our netas care?

India has very high rates of children being sexually abused. Punishments have increased but rates of conviction are abysmally low. Why don't political parties make personal safety education a promise in their poll manifestos?


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Lok Sabha elections 2019, Mamata Banerjee, Election Commission of India, Narendra Modi

Why the Election Commission should act on political films releasing near Lok Sabha Elections 2019

At the very least, can EC put a cap on films about political figures contesting in this election?


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Human development index, Rahul Gandhi, Minimum income guarantee, Nyay

NYAY: The scheme brings focus back to poverty and income inequality in India

India is home to the highest number of poor people (364 million) – more than the population of the US (328 million) and the greatest income inequality in the world. It is definitely time to discuss welfare interventions like NYAY.


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JNU protest, Jagadesh Kumar, Student protests, JNU

JNU Row: How can we eliminate student violence from campuses? Our political leaders do know

Student politics continues to dominate campus news instead of academic achievements because all political parties are heavily involved in student politics. And this has turned increasingly bitter and violent over the years.


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Mumbai Congress, Sanjay Nirupam, 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Milind Deora

What the power tussle in Mumbai Congress tells us about 2019 Lok Sabha elections

Why Congress replaced Sanjay Nirupam with Milind Deora as Mumbai chief so close to the 2019 general election?


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December 16, Shefali shah, Netflix, Delhi crime

Netflix series 'Delhi Crime' spins a web of unacceptable half-truths on the December 16 gang rape case

The research team of 'Delhi Crime' seems to have missed vital details that are in the public domain, apparently in over-enthusiasm to prepare a PR blitz. Not for the victim but for the police force.


 |  9-minute read
Mughal Empire, History, Chhatrapati shivaji, Maratha rajputs

Who are 96 Kuli Maratha Kshatriyas, also called Maratha Rajputs by some?

An insight into the genealogy of the Maratha Kshatriyas and warriors of Chattrapati Shivaji, whose bravery changed Indian history by ending Mughal dominance, and keeping the British at bay for many years.


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Lok Sabha elections 2019, Nt rama rao, Amar Singh, Chandrababu Naidu

Lok Sabha 2019: Like a phoenix, Jaya Prada returns as a BJP candidate

Jaya Prada believes every politician goes through a lean patch. And we believe her's is over.


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Jk police, Militancy in kashmir, Custodial death in kashmir, Rizwan pandith

Why Rizwan Pandith’s 'custodial death' may push more Kashmiri men towards militancy

Shockingly, a FIR has been filed against Rizwan Pandith himself. Such violence and disregard could well spark far more alienation in the Valley.


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Lok Sabha elections 2019, Rahul Gandhi, Congress, Urmila matondkar

Lok Sabha 2019: Why Urmila Matondkar is the perfect candidate for Congress in Mumbai-North

Back in 1998, Urmila, swaying in 'Chhamma Chhamma', had promised to rock UP, MP and 'Bambai'. Will we see the song ring true?