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Story Posted on 31-03-2019


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Muslims, Hindu, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Religion

The manufactured myth of Hindu terror – Part 2

The growing proximity between Muslims and non-Muslims has bred Islamophobia in the West. India sees the opposite happening, despite its politicians.


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2019 Lok Sabha elections, Amethi, Wayanad lok sabha seat, Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi to contest from Wayanad too. Has the party conceded defeat in Amethi?

Rahul Gandhi is not contesting from Wayanad in response to ‘popular demand’ from the southern states, but because he smells chances of a defeat in Amethi.


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Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Lok Sabha elections 2019, April Fools' Day

These election promises were made on April 1. Seriously!

We will be tightlipped about achhe din, Rs 15 lakh in our bank accounts and poverty-free India.


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Ipl 2019, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Lok Sabha elections 2019

DailyO Hall of Fame: Chowkidar to Chor and many more, what set social media on fire this March

There's been a flood of news. A deluge of views. And many waves of worthies. But don't worry, dear readers. Our monthly Hall of Fame will tell you exactly what you need to know. Ignore the rest.


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Gangrape, Patriarchy, Imran Khan, December 16 gangrape

Nirbhaya, Asma Aziz, Hajra Bibi: Why all real-life stories have the same thread

It is the centuries of conditioning of the masculine mind to be a caretaker, a patriarch, to be the one in control, to be the tamer, to be the dominant force.