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Story Posted on 30-04-2019


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China, Madras HC, Social Media, Tiktok

Ban vs un-ban: Why the Tiktok ban was simply a ticking time bomb!

For the moment, time seems to be on Tiktok's side. But the freedom of expression we take for granted isn’t that infinite after all! For even when the freedom was taken from us, we could do nothing.


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Maharashtra, Rahul Gandhi, Maharashtra congress, Rahul gandhi rally in sangamner

My 13 Hours with Rahul Gandhi: How the Congress President left an unforgettable impression

In an unscheduled night stay in my hometown, Sangamner, Maharashtra, Rahul Gandhi demonstrated great simplicity and deep family values. He left me struck at the modesty of a powerful man.


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Sri lanka attack, Game of Thrones, Avengers endgame, Lok Sabha elections 2019

DailyO Hall of Fame: From Elections to Avengers — what set social media on fire this April!

There's been a flood of news. A deluge of views. And many waves of worthies. But don't worry, dear readers. Our monthly Hall of Fame will tell you exactly what you need to know. Ignore the rest.


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Sonal Mansingh, India-indonesia relations, Indonesia, Ramayana

Ramayana of India, Loved in Indonesia: How the great Indian epic ties India to Asia and ASEAN in an unbreakable bond

Being a Muslim-majority country has not prevented Indonesia from embracing the Ramayana fully. India should leverage the great love Asia has for this epic through creative diplomatic and strategic ways.


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Mental Health, Failure, Results, Exam stress

CBSE Results and Exam Strain: Do not despair. Failing an exam is not failing in life

It is time society takes collective responsibility on reshaping the narrative of students' lives and exams, making results separate from young people living their lives. This will help us save some from killing themselves.


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Dalits, Congress, Udit Raj

Udit Raj: 'BJP is run by two people, the rest are clerks. The party wants slaves. If you raise your voice, you're attacked'

Udit Raj was denied a ticket in the BJP. Soon, he joined the Congress. Raj spoke with Rohit E David on why he left the BJP, joined the Congress and isn't fighting elections there either.


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Wildlife conservation, Human wildlife conflict, Wildlife crime, Human activities against nature

Putin's Latest Spy? The 'dark' Russian side of the white Beluga whale

Meet the newest Russian spy — the friendly white Beluga whale sporting unusual strapping.


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Islamic Extremism, Terrorism, ISIS, Sri lanka terror attack

Lessons India can learn from Sri Lanka attacks about religion-based terrorism

Religious terrorism isn’t about poverty, local issues, schools one studies in or the religious milieu in which someone grows up.


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Anuj dhar, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Subhash Chandra Bose

Why Subhash Bose and Shastri matter: Under Narendra Modi, a veil of mystery obscuring leaders other than the usual kind has finally lifted

Suddenly, we see a slew of books and movies probing the lives and deaths of some of our most important, and totally overlooked, leaders. It is only the change in regime which made this possible.


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Lok Sabha elections 2019, Vijender Singh, Congress, Rahul Gandhi

Neither Ramesh Bidhuri, nor Raghav Chadha are a challenge for me: Vijender Singh

Boxer-turned-politician Vijender Singh on dynastic politics in Congress, issues ailing South Delhi and his plans to prepare athletes for Olympics.