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Story Posted on 03-05-2019


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Atishi, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Gautam gambhir, Narendra Modi

Modi is the biggest reason I joined politics. Sports my top most priority: Gautam Gambhir

BJP contestant Gautam Gambhir on spat with Mehbooba Mufti, Narendra Modi's leadership, plans for Delhi and what he wants to do for sports if elected.


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Bangladesh War, Nationalism, Pulwama, Balakot

The Good, Bad and Portentous: Narendra Modi's five-year report card, and how this compares to Mrs Indira Gandhi

Since Modi’s leadership has been closely compared to Indira Gandhi’s, what lessons can he learn from her rise, fall and rise?


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Pakistani terrorists, Bjp in lok sabha, Masood Azhar, Global terrorism

After ‘Global Terrorist’ Masood Azhar, what next for Pakistan?

Srijana Mitra Das speaks to Gaurav Sawant on the implications of the 'Global Terrorist' tag


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Humanities, CBSE Results, Education, Cbse topper

New CBSE Result: A topper wants to be not an engineer or a doctor but a dancer. Are parents listening?

Will Indian parents stop treating 'co-curricular activities' as side dishes which are helpful only when taken with the 'main course'?


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Board Exams, Cbse topper, Cbse topper 2019, Cbse result

CBSE Results: An open letter to all the relatives and friends who asked for my marks!

So, how much did you score in your exams, aunty? And you, grocery shop-waale uncle? See?


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MJ Akbar, Azam Khan, #MeToo, Amar Singh

Don't sing like Amar Singh: Neta compares MJ Akbar case with allegations against CJI, distills all of Me Too to 'vengeful women'

The naya chowkidar slams Azam Khan’s misogyny but defends MJ Akbar and claims women won't get employment if they 'besmirch the image of a high placed male'.


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Modinomics, Congress, Lok Sabha election 2019, Narender modi

How an empowered rural economy forms the bedrock of the Modi govt's long-term strategies for 2022

Modi govt has invested tremendous transformative projects in rural India, from water conservation to soil testing, etc. The results include bumper production to once water-dry areas like Latur, now not needing even a water tanker!


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Burqa ban, Women in Islam, Burqa

Banning the Burqa: Kerala’s Muslim Educational Society bans burqas on campuses. Why this is a good beginning

Why should men, and even other women, be given the right to tell women to cover up or be punished for their freedom? The burqa ban debate is crucial and it needs power from within.


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Social media trolls, Social media behaviour, Libtards, Bhakts

Un-Friend Zone: Why I have un-friended many this election season and I’m not apologetic about it!

I see constant acrimony online, whether you praise or critique Modi, Rahul, anybody. But if you can't understand my views, or show respect to difference, that's it. We'll be FB friends no more!


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Cyclones in india, Naveen Patnaik, Odisha, Cyclone fani

Cyclone Fani Makes Landfall in Puri: With Fani in Odisha cancelling trains, dislocating millions, CM Naveen Patnaik faces a huge challenge

Cyclone Fani made landfall in Odisha’s Puri at 8:30 a.m IST at a wind speed of 185 km/hr. So far, it's had over a million people shifted to relief camps, trains cancelled, and all flights, including via neighbouring Kolkata, stopped.