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Story Posted on 06-05-2019


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David benioff and d.b. weiss, George RR Martin, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister

Game of Drones? How bad writing in 'Game of Thrones' has turned into sexist cliché

Without proper source material, the series has become a crude impersonation of what it was in the first four seasons.


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TRS, YSR Congress, Naveen Patnaik, Rahul Gandhi

From Bofors to 'Brashtachari', Indian politics changed under Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi is perhaps the last to know

By taking on Modi with 'Chowkidar Chor Hai', Rahul Gandhi perhaps thought he was avenging Bofors. He didn't realise the new tenacity and bite in political leaders today, until the rejoinder arrived.


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Muslim women, Kerala, Muslim education society, Pa fazal gafoor

PA Fazal Gafoor: Why I banned face veils for Muslim women on my campuses

PA Fazal Gafoor, head of the Muslim Education Society in Kerala, which has imposed a ban on face veils for women students, discusses why this decision was made.


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Breaking stereotypes, Women Empowerment, Women, Feminism

Girls and Guns: Celebrating four tough women cops who nabbed the most dreaded gangster of Gujarat

Once upon a time, we had to search hard for tales of women warriors who wielded weapons with ruthless pizzazz. Those days are fading and not a moment too fast!


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Lok Sabha elections 2019, Amethi, Smriti Irani, Robert Vadra

50 Degrees! Why Robert Vadra vs Smriti Irani's social media fight is only hotting up Amethi some more!

Stung by Smriti Irani's purported jibe at him, Robert Vadra has hit back, apparently questioning the minister's educational degrees. Mr Vadra, it is reported, is high-school educated himself.


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Got s8 ep4, Spoilers ahead, Twitter Reactions, Virgin shaming

From virgin-shaming to begging: Why Brienne Of Tarth deserved better in GoT S8 Ep4

Several things went wrong in the first four episodes in terms of storyline and war strategies. But nothing else was as infuriating as the way Brienne of Tarth was projected!


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Low voter turnout, Pulwama martyrs, Pulwama terrorist attack, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Pulwama Blast, Tiny Turn-Out: Its name has been on every neta's lips. Yet, Pulwama saw no festival of democracy today

Pulwama, Ground Zero of the February 14 suicide attack in which over 40 soldiers died, goes to the polls today. But this is marked by an eerie silence, not the good cheer of voting crowds.


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Bhrashtachari comment, Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi

'Brashtachari Number One': Why has our political discourse hit a shocking new low?

Leaders may come and leaders may go, but our morals and ideals should stay intact, no matter how dire the circumstances may be.


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Amethi, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Smriti Irani, Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi vs Smriti Irani: 5 reasons why Amethi matters so deeply

Amethi is a fierce clash, one that embodies this election best. But, whatever its results, Amethi already has a winner.


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Millennials, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Lok Sabha 2019: Are the elections affecting your dating life?

It is, and you didn't even know it!