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Story Posted on 13-05-2019


 |  5-minute read
Rajiv Gandhi, Ins viraat, Indian Navy

A Viraat Row: No, Rajiv Gandhi didn't treat INS Viraat as his private taxi. And yes, we must bring the precious carrier back to life

Former Navy Chief Admiral L Ramdas writes down why it is necessary for the government to work on INS Viraat lying decomissioned in Mumbai and not play politics over it.


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Sidhu comedy nights with kapil, Sidhu pulwama comments, Sidhu vocal cords, Navjot Singh Sidhu

Silence is Golden! Navjot Singh Sidhu’s vocal chords are reportedly damaged. Is it Karma doing its job?

After speaking at 80 rallies in 28 days, Sidhu has reportedly damaged his vocal chords. Please enjoy the break.


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Supreme Court, Narendra Modi, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Lok sabha election results

India's Angry Election: Modi may win, his critics may lose on May 23. But what's certain is more bitterness and lots more rage

The 2014 election was extremely hard for a handful of vested interests to bear. The results of 2019 will now be fought over to shreds. Expect disturbances, including in law and order.


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Bhartiya janta party, Narendra Modi, Election Commission, Elections 2019

Hindu-Muslim harmony, NRC and political ethics. All that's at stake in the 2019 General Elections

Narendra Modi's BJP reminds me of Donald Trump's administration in the USA. Divisive, discriminatory and running on a false sense of nationalism. We chose this in 2014. Do we want the same in 2019?


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Ekta Kapoor, Mental hai kya, Super 30, Kangana hrithik controversy

Kaho Na War Hai! Why is Hrithik Roshan playing sad victim? Again?

If you're feeling déjà vu with the recent Hrithik Roshan vs Kangana Ranaut almost-spat, you’re not alone!


 |  3-minute read
Landfills, Plastic bags, Environmental degradation, Plastic pollution

How you can save the planet with these 5 easy steps: Just reduce plastic use

While there are many ways to do your bit for the planet, start with banning and banishing the plastic monster which will otherwise choke our very existence.


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Ashok Gehlot, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Dalit atrocities, Alwar gang rape

Her Rape Didn't Wait: But Rajasthan police reportedly delay filing of Dalit victim’s gangrape complaint for polls. True, Ashok Gehlot?

The victim was a Dalit. The party in power in Rajasthan is Congress. Only Rajasthan chief minister can answer this. Our other netas are too busy mudslinging in any case.


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Election fatigue, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Election Fatigue! 5 reasons why we are already so exhausted with the race to Lok Sabha 2019!

It's impossible to escape the acrid politics, burning up everything from TV debates to newspapers, social media, even your cab ride!


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Rahul Gandhi, Abhijit banerjee, Nyay

Abhijit Banerjee: 'NYAY disrupted obsession with Pulwama. Its funding's debated. But we're undertaxed compared to China'

Economist Abhijit Banerjee is closely associated with the Congress’ NYAY scheme. He spoke with Rohit E David about why NYAY could work and why the Congress' anti-poverty aim should be trusted.


 |  4-minute read
China, Imran Khan, Imf bailout, Pakistan

Naya Pakistan, Purana Debt Trap: Why an IMF bailout package of $6 billion places Imran Khan in a painful spot

After trying to avoid the IMF, Pakistan is back at its knees. However, the current bail-out package proposed is a tough one for Islamabad to swallow. Can Imran Khan survive this strain?