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Story Posted on 24-05-2019


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Congress dynasty politics, Movie ratings, Vivek oberoi, Narendra modi biopic

FilmO: Should you watch PM Narendra Modi this weekend?

Underwhelming and uni-dimensional. You're not missing much.


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2019 general elections, Lok Sabha 2019, Hindu minds are rigged, Owaisi mind rigged

Dear Mr. Owaisi, I am a Hindu and I assure you that my mind has not been ‘rigged’

There are some things that should not be said, period. And it’s high time Mr. Owaisi understood it.


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Narendra Modi, BJP, Shazia Ilmi

Shazia Ilmi: This huge victory could not have happened, if 40 out of 80 Muslim-dominated areas had not voted BJP

Delhi BJP vice-president Shazia Ilmi spoke with Rohit E David on Muslim women voting for Narendra Modi, appeasement politics, Left-liberal abuse and the future of AAP in Delhi.


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Lok Sabha elections 2019, Rahul Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor, Congress

Congress Leadership Crisis: Why not Shashi Tharoor for Congress president?

At a time when Rahul Gandhi has lost Amethi, Jyotiraditya Scindia has lost Guna and Priyanka Gandhi has lost before even starting, Congress needs a winner at its helm. It needs Shashi Tharoor.


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Relationship, Friendship, Bengaluru, Chikmagalur

Best Friends Forever: Not yet another 'friends till death do us apart' story

This friendship made me realise, age is just a number when your friendship ages like fine wine.


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Rahul Gandhi, Congress, Siddaramaiah, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Lok Sabha Results 2019: What the Congress must learn

The Congress must drop its soft Hindutva and janeu-dhari politics. It must ensure NYAY spreads. And it must seriously consider a major change of leadership with Amarinder Singh for top job.


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Rahul gandhi congress, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Congress seats elections 2019, Congress 2019 elections

Losing the Plot: From Rafale to Nyay, here's everything that went against the Congress in 2019

Today, regional parties are much more in touch with the aspirations of their voters than the Congress party. The grand old party now faces a 'do or die' moment.


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AAP, Bhopal, Atishi, Sadhvi pragya

Two sad states of our democracy: Atishi vs Sadhvi Pragya Thakur

This election is marked by two sad ironies. Sadhvi Pragya going to Parliament. And Atishi not going.


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Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath, Ravi kishen, Lok Sabha elections 2019

A Hindutva Tadka: How Yogi Adityanath added a dash of heated Hindutva to PM Modi's campaign

If religion rode over caste in Uttar Pradesh, it was Yogi’s doing. His success has only strengthened his personal political bastion now.


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Old delhi, Lucknow, Ajmer, India

Foodies, your Ramadan-Iftar travel paradise is right here in India!

Just like all other Indian festivals, no Ramadan is the same for us. Every city has its own unique traditions as well as its trademark festival cuisine.