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Story Posted on 10-06-2019


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GDP growth, Narendra Modi, Modinomics, Economic Growth

Indian Economy: Stories of a structural slowdown are farce. Data shows Modinomics is propelling India towards strong growth

Key corporates in the cement, two-wheeler, home loans and consumer goods space are clocking in healthy double-digit growth. Sectors facing a temporary slowdown are hit by global or seasonal factors only.


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Asifa bano rape case, Kathua rape case, Kathua rape case verdict, Asifa bano verdict

Kathua Rape Case: The verdict punishes the accused. But we have let down the little victim of this horrific crime

The Kathua gang-rape and murder case was appalling enough in its brutal hate. But our behaviour as a society since has been shocking and disturbing as well.


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Indian liberals, Yum yum cha, Big chill, Khan market

Why Girish Karnad wasn't the 'Khan Market Gang': Because intellect never rests on the cushions of power

The 'Khan Market' tag came about because Delhi always had a hybrid of the socially networked with easy political access, but true intellectuals like Girish Karnad are known simply by their ideas.


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Rose, Ek janaki ammal, First woman botanist, Indian women scientist

The fragrance of legacy

A rose named EK Janaki Ammal smells sweeter to the Indians than all the other roses.


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Pakistan nawaz sharif, Asif ali zardari, Imran khan corruption scandal, Pakistan pm corruption

Asif Ali Zardari arrested on corruption charges: Why Pak PMs and Presidents have such trouble completing a term

The word ‘corruption’ has become as synonymous with Pakistan as the word ‘terrorism’. 'Contempt of court' is a hot favourite too.


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Ek tha Tiger, Utsav, RIP, Tiger Zinda Hai

Rest in peace, Girish Karnad. You will be missed!

A look at some of his best works...


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India's economy, India's economic growth, India's economic growth 2018-2019, Economic slowdown india

Indian Economy: It's serious. Multiple structural downturns make this slowdown unlike others

Unlike earlier slowdowns, this one has all the ingredients of a perfect storm. How long will it take for official interventions to ease the difficulties the Indian economy has to face?


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Sexual assault, Crimes against Women, Kathua gang rape, Kathua verdict

The Kathua Case: Why the Kathua gang-rape and murder verdict is no reason to celebrate

What about cases that do not evoke national outrage?


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Bollywood News, First look, Twitter Reactions, Romance

Vicky Kaushal in Bhoot: Karan Johar steps into the horror genre. Now, we're really scared

That look on Vicky's face in the poster. Yup, that was the look on ours when we heard.


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Math, Hrithik Roshan, Super 30, Ananda kumar

Why we hate Maths

Hrithik Roshan playing math whiz Anand Kumar in Super 30 may just be the thing for math anxiety.