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Story Posted on 12-06-2019


 |  The Castaways  |  7-minute read
Dalit food, Rajyashri goody, Indian secularism, Dalits

From eating joothan to foraging for morsels: 'My ironic cookbooks remind us how food is caught tightly in the web of caste'

Artist Rajyashri Goody talks about the politics of access and privilege surrounding food, in her cookbooks that are inspired by food mentioned in autobiographies by Dalit writers.


 |  5-minute read
Brahminism, Harappan civilisation, Three-language formula, National education policy

Skipping The Biggest Lesson: BJP’s draft National Education Policy tries to compete with madrasas, misses crucial learning

The policy pays no attention to teaching children the dignity of labour. This lesson is a must though for any society which wants to grow and be developed.


 |  3-minute read
Happily unmarried, Marriage, Paul dolan, Consensual non-monogamous relationships

Are we, women, ready for consensual non-monogamous relationships?

CNM means being okay with the idea that your partner is probably sleeping with someone else and you can’t even call it ‘cheating’ because you got into it consensually. Yes, it's tricky!


 |  6-minute read
Freedom of Speech, Mamata banerjee bengal, Yogi Adityanath, Prashant kanojia

Because The Emergency ended. Didn't it? Prashant Kanojia and Priyanka Sharma cases have us wondering

From Jawaharlal Nehru to Rajiv Gandhi, powerful assaults on our freedom of speech have been made by famed netas. Narendra Modi criticised this. But how does he explain the Prashant Kanojia event?


 |  14-minute read
Rahul Gandhi, Divya Spandana, Chowkidar chor hai, Twitter

The story of BJP’s communication and Congress’ miscommunication

Narendra Modi used digital and social media brilliantly, and ages before others. In contrast, the Congress' gameplan looked slow, surly and sloppy. This made all the crucial difference.


 |  4-minute read
Shashi tharoor rahul gandhi, Shashi tharoor south india, Rahul gandhi wayanad, Rahul gandhi kerala

Who is the Voice of Kerala? It used to be Shashi Tharoor. Until Rahul Gandhi spoke up

With his move to Wayanad and his claiming the concerns of Kerala in Parliament now, is Rahul Gandhi targetting one of the few strong pillars left standing in a shell-shocked Congress?


 |  10-minute read
K Chandrasekhara Rao, MK Stalin, YS Jaganmohan Reddy, Narendra Modi

Why BJP loses out in the south: Why Narendra Modi's saffron party is unable to cross the Vindhyas in victory

Powerful local players. Rooted regional sensitivities. A host of political miscalculations. And an inability to catch the pulse of the South. All this has limited the Modi Wave to the north of India.


 |  2.38 minutes watch-minute read
Yousaf raza gillani Pakistan, Asif ali zardari arrested, Pakistan nawaz sharif, Asif ali zardari

Giraftaar! Why do so many Pakistani leaders end up in jail?

With Asif Ali Zardari being arrested for his alleged involvement in a corruption case, we take a look at all the Pakistani PMs and Presidents who were locked up and how!


 |  3-minute read
Modi 2.0, Up journalist beaten up, Prashant kanojia, Yogi Adityanath

Journalists under attack in Yogi's UP: Is this how Adityanath is redefining Modi 2.0?

The BJP stormed to power in UP promising to end 'jungle raj'. But the same reign of lawlessness seems to have only increased, this time, with journalists at the receiving end of police power.


 |  3-minute read
Jhalmuri on the streets of london, Angus deenon jhalmuri, Jhalmuri at the oval, India vs australia jhalmuri

‘Bhery Bhel Done’: This British chef selling Jhalmuri on the streets of London has won over desi Twitter

Move over, fine dining and snooty posh restaurants. The flavour rocking London right now is our very own Jhalmuri, made by a Brit chef!