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Story Posted on 14-06-2019


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Vajpayee advani partnership, Amit shah narendra modi partnership, Amit shah home minister, Amit shah 2019

The Shah of India: The challenges, and the comparisons, that now face Amit Shah

From Kashmir to Ayodhya, Citizenship Amendment Bill to Naxalism, India's new Home Minister has no dearth of tough issues to take on. He also has a host of comparisons riding on him.


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Delicious food, Royal maratha palace, Maratha cuisine

To eat like a glittering royal: A mansion in Vadodara now serves authentic regal Maratha delicacies

The historic Vadodara mansion showcases both the luxuries of royal life, as well as the richness of its taste reflected in some extraordinary cooking.


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Healthy food, Health Benefits, Superfoods, Coffee

There's no such thing as too much coffee. Here's proof

New research claims even 25 cups of coffee aren't bad for your health. We're raising a cup to that!


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Priyanka gandhi vadra, Ysrcp, Jagan mohan reddy, Congress

The next step for Rahul Gandhi 2.0

After a humiliating defeat, Rahul is in a quandary. Should he defy his family, courtiers and stick to his decision? Or should he take the easy way out, set in motion a half-hearted effort to find a replacement


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Terrorism, Al umar mujahideen, Mushtaq zargar, Anantnag terror attack

The long haul in Kashmir: Anantnag terror attack is proof that India can't fall for Pakistan's dialogue bait

Pakistan can never afford to turn off its terrorism tap. It will keep changing the faces on its terror outfits and try to claim trouble in Kashmir as indigenous. The Anantnag attack was one such attempt.


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Us sanctions, Trump administration, China, Pakistan

Pakistan's Triangle of Ties: Islamabad's relations with both China and the US are increasing misgivings on all sides

China is clearly using Pakistan as a pawn to further its own dreams of dominance. The US is far from pleased at this. How can India manage a situation that is both delicate, and volatile?


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China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Xi Jinping, Imran Khan, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

Why Imran Khan doesn’t care

If he can ‘disrespect’ the Saudi Arabia king who is investing $20 billion in Pakistan, he can well break a few protocols at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.