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Story Posted on 16-06-2019


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Rohit sharma century, India vs pakistan score, India vs pakistan memes, Live score

India vs Pakistan Meme Match: As India-Pak battle on the pitch, social media sees a furious clash. Guess who's winning?

Pakistan’s meme game is just as bad as their fielding.


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Entertainment, Pakistan, Netflix, Cake

Why Pakistani film 'Cake' reminded me of 'The God of Small Things'

'Cake' is a simple reminder of all that matters, and all that we take for granted until we don’t have it any more.


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Hindi official language, New Education Policy, South india hindi imposed, Imposing hindi on south india

The battle of linguistics: Forcing Hindi on South Indian states is going to do more harm than good

Forcing a language on a particular part of a nation as diverse as India, goes against the fundamental rights that our Constitution grants to every citizen.


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Live score, Ind Vs Pak, India vs Pakistan, India vs pakistan match timings

Why the Captain is Crucial: How the difference in leadership styles will decide India vs Pakistan today

The fiery Virat Kohli, ably backed by the ice-cool MS Dhoni, could simply be too much for the Pakistanis to handle.


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PTI, Defence, Imran Khan, Pakistan budget

Naya Pakistan, Same Old Priorities: Why Imran Khan thinks parrot cages and hand-made carpets matter more than education

Even as Pakistan's economy collapses and cuts are made in sectors like education, the govt is apparently happy to spend millions on plush carpets and parrot cages for its leaders' homes.


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India vs Pakistan, Pakistani anchor slapped on live tv, Pakistan live stream with cat filter, India vs pakistan winner

Poor, poor Pakistan: From getting crushed in cricket to live-streaming ministers with cat filter, our neighbour is having a week from hell

And, not to be left behind, their (in)famous minister Fawad Chaudhry apparently even slapped a journalist. Is it the heat? Or something else that's making the padosi mulk lose it?


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Doctors, West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, Assault on doctors

Here’s what happens at a casualty ward. Read this before you justify your anger against doctors

Never, in the 365 days of my internship, was my safety my focus. It was always about the patient, and the patient only.