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Story Posted on 17-06-2019


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Pakistan memes, India vs pakistan winner, India vs pakistan memes, Ind Vs Pak

Discomfort Food: Why the Pakistani team's intake of burgers and shakes has shaken up Pakistanis online

It was an electrifying match, but then why was Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed yawning in the middle of India vs Pakistan? Decoding the Pakistani team, burger by burger.


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Rahul Gandhi in Parliament, Parliament Session, Manish Tewari, Lok Sabha

Can Manish Tewari do what Jyotiraditya Scindia did for Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha

Manish Tewari could just be the person Gandhi may want by his side in Parliament.


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Leila review, Prayaag akbar, Netflix series, Leila

Why Leila left us disappointed!

We expected to be scared by it, which the series did. But we also expected it to have a cohesive ending. That’s where the show left us disappointed.


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Congress president, Emergency, Indira Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi

Only a Gandhi: Why I think Rahul Gandhi, and only a member of the dynasty, should lead the Congress

Without a Nehru-Gandhi at the helm, the Congress has only seen doom. And the fact is, even now, despite the Modi wave and the politics of hate, Rahul Gandhi has a lot to feel confident about.


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Pakistan, Qamar Javed Bajwa, Imran Khan, ISI

Hello, Bye, ISI: Pakistan removes ISI chief in just eight months. Why this change doesn't matter

It doesn't matter who gets the top job. The timing is crucial.


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Leila review, Prayaag akbar, Deepa Mehta, Siddharth

For want of Leila, the plot was lost!

Netflix's Leila builds up fear masterfully but doesn't manage to hold it.


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Instagram poet, Atticus poetry, Rupi Kaur, Kabir ke dohe

Poet Kabir Das was the original Insta poet and you cannot tell me otherwise

Long before Rupi Kaur, Lang Leav and other Instagram poets, Kabir Das was the poetic force that popularized the style.


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China’s people’s liberation army, Infantry, Ficv, Ministry of Defence

India’s Infantry Combat Vehicles project may just die from apathy

With the Army failing to convince the bureaucracy to push the project through, it will float in an eternal orbit.


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Trinamool Congress, Bjp in bengal, Junior doctor's strike, Minority appeasement

Didi vs Perfect Storm: Why West Bengal's Trinamool Congress may soon reach a point of no return

Between charges of minority appeasement, reported admissions of the same, and a total miscalculation of the minority vote itself, can Mamata Banerjee withstand the storm she herself has unleashed?


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Sarfaraz ahmed, Kulcha, India vs pakistan winner, Kuldeep yadav

How India Won: India crushed Pakistan in the World Cup face off. An analysis

Virat and his warriors were unstoppable against Pakistan. The question now is, will the men in blue retain their winning streak?