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Story Posted on 24-06-2019


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Muslims and india, Muslim struggles, Racism against muslims, Muslims discrimination

My Rebuttal to Sania Ahmad's 'Open Letter to Muslims': Stop blaming the victim. Muslim backwardness is not Muslims' fault!

This is in response to Sania Ahmad’s piece, “Open letter to my fellow Muslims: Please step out of the ‘we are oppressed’ narrative. Fix what you can!” It's time we stop bashing Muslims for their state.


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BJP, Priyanka Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Congress president

How to Save the Congress: Only a 'Gandhi Mukt Congress' can avert 'Congress Mukt Bharat'

Rahul Gandhi's petulance and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's weakness is no longer the glue that will hold Congress together. The party urgently needs an interim President and real party elections.


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Mahagathbandan break-up, SP-BSP alliance, Sp-bsp break up, Mayawati akhilesh yadav

SP-BSP break-up: Why Mayawati's fresh hostility against former 'bhatija' Akhilesh Yadav is no surprise

The 'gathbandhan' between 'bua' Maya and 'bhatija' Akhilesh was based on the shaky ground of mutual distrust and political desperation. It had to collapse, with Mayawati blaming Akhilesh.


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Muslim women, Shah bano, Triple talaq bill

A Partition Mentality: Those supporting Triple Talaq are displaying the same mindset which once brutally divided India

Triple talaq has always been considered sinful in Islamic law. Countries like Iraq banned it as far back as 1909. There is a reason this evil has persisted in India till the present day. That must end.


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Bollywood remake, Tip tip barsa paani, Sooryavanshi, Rohit shetty

Not Akshay Kumar, Tip Tip Barsa Paani is Raveena Tandon all the way!

Can't Akshay be gracious enough to acknowledge his co-star — even after 25 years?


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Plastic pollution, Cleaning drive, Backbay channel, Ins venduruthy base

Fighting Another War: How the Indian Navy turned eco-warriors and led by gritty example

A team of around 400 naval personnel cleaned and removed plastic waste accumulated over years in Kochi's Backbay channel.


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K karunakaran, C achutha menon, P rajan case, Kerala

Emergency in Kerala: The trains ran on time, young students like P Rajan were killed

The Emergency meant a surface of tranquility in Union-ridden Kerala. But under the surface, tremendous brutality simmered, which burst forth in the P Rajan case that rocked the state.


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YS Jaganmohan Reddy, Amit Shah, BJP, Narendra Modi

Checkmate for Chandrababu Naidu? As TDP MPs join BJP, Naidu may meet his nemesis in his own proteges

Is BJP going to wipe out TDP from Andhra? Or is the TDP MPs' move to the saffron party actually a clever ploy by Naidu?


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Uttar Pradesh, Kanshi ram, BSP, Mayawati

The Pluses of Dynasty: Finally, anti-dynast Mayawati also gets this

We don’t know what’ll happen to the party now. But at least Mayawati is not repeating Kanshi Ram’s mistake.


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Imran Khan, Qamar bajwa, World Cup 2019, Pakistan Army

Pakistani Army at Lord's: When the Pak army went to watch cricket in London, on someone else's money

What's now clear is that all the money actually belongs to the Pakistan army. Questioning that only invites trouble. No wonder there were slogans of 'Pak Fauj Zindabad' at Lord's.