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Story Posted on 25-06-2019


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Gujarat riots, Gujarat ips officer, Life imprisonment, Sanjiv bhatt

Living without Sanjiv Bhatt: It's been over nine months. I haven't had any tea as I can't have it with Sanjiv on our balcony

Former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt has been sentenced to life imprisonment by Jamnagar Sessions Court in Gujarat, which found him guilty in a 1990 custodial death case. Bhatt's wife Shweta writes on life without him.


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Yoga day 2019, International yoga day 2019, Narendra modi on yoga day, Rahul gandhi yoga day tweet

Tweet More, Rahul: After the outrage Rahul Gandhi’s ‘new India’ tweet sparked, he should call out Modi govt much more

Yoga Day became all about Narendra Modi once again. It took a tweet by Rahul Gandhi to call this out. But Rahul needs to raise his voice on far more serious issues, and far more often.


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Internet trolls, Tmc mp, Oath taking ceremony, Lok sabha session

How Nusrat and Mimi finally fit into Parliament: Sindoor. Bindi. Chooda. Sari. And salwar-suit

Who knew fashion had such superpowers!


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Congress, BJP, Narendra Modi, Modi 2.0

The dying political parties of India: These six parties face total extinction. Or can they ride out the saffron tide?

There's still one way to continue to be relevant. But can these parties make the transition?


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1977 lok sabha elections, Sterilisation program, Congress, Sanjay Gandhi

The trains ran on time, the press crawled: An Emergency lesson was that Indians are not obsessed with political freedom

We romanticised the 1977 election ending Mrs Gandhi's rule. Sterilisation and the Opposition's imprisonment showed the Gandhis to be amateurs. Anyone could learn from their mistakes today.


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Physical Abuse, Kidnapping, Alia Bhatt, হাইওয়ে

I'm your captive, and I love it: Stockholm Syndrome and how 'Kabir Singh' is promoting it

Do we find ourselves drawn towards captivity? If yes, what does that say about us?


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Team Afghanistan, Virat kohli 2019 world cup, World cup match today, Afghanistan cricket

The Men In Blue And Red: Why Afghanistan is the cricketing story of our generation

Even as Afghanistan fails to win matches, they're winning hearts.


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Salman Taseer, Asia bibi, Terrorism, IMF

Why I think Pakistan was, is and will always remain a terrorist state

Just establishing terror camps and sending jihadis to India isn't terrorism. Terrorising a section of your own people is also terrorism. And Pakistan, by its very nature, cannot stop doing that.


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Adhir ranjan chowdhury, Handlebar moustache, IAF, Abhinandan varthaman

Desh Ki Moochein: Do we need a 'national moustache' now? Why not?

We are too frivolous with our moustaches. We didn't learn anything from Mangal Pandey. Or Ranveer Singh. We are glad our national hero can now teach us to twirl with pride.