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Story Posted on 28-06-2019


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Mamata Banerjee, Mamata banerjee tmc, Mamata banerjee doctors strike, Mamata banerjee fight

Is Mamata losing the plot? From doctors' strike to ‘cut money’ debacle, Didi is plunging into crisis

The TMC supremo seems absolutely unable to handle either provocations from the BJP or pressures within her own party. Will Mamata Banerjee push the TMC to breaking point?


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Anubhav sinha, Article 15, Caste based reservation, Upper caste quota bill

FilmO: Should you watch Ayushmann Khurrana's Article 15?

Anubhav Sinha paints a beautifully uncomfortable picture and drives the point home.


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Saffron, India vs england, Orange jersey team india

It's not clockwork orange: For me, Team India's orange jersey is not familiar. It makes it harder for me to cheer

Team India will be wearing orange jerseys against England in their World Cup face-off. But I simply don’t associate with the Indian team in saffron colours. Here's why.


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Smriti Irani, Patriarchy, Sexism, Parliament speech

Mainly Bold, Incidentally Beautiful: Why Nusrat Jahan should inspire the young women of India

She has held her own, calmly and quietly, through both the trolling and celebration of her attire in Parliament. There is a lot more to TMC MP Nusrat Jahan than meets the eye.


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The office india trolled, The office india, The office india reboot, The office india reviews

Hotstar's desi 'The Office' is really nice! Stop hating it just because it's Indian!

The Indian version of ‘The Office’ didn’t go down well with many viewers. But their dislike is totally uncalled for because the Indian 'The Office' is a cut above the US version even.


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Immigrants, Maga, Donald Trump, Jaishankar

Uncle Sam, please don’t preach: India doesn't need Mike Pompeo's advice on secularism. USA should introspect

Irony ran wild as Mike Pompeo tried lecturing India on rights even as children, migrants and hapless minorities suffer abuse, attacks and discrimination in the land of the brave and free.


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G20 summit, Xi jinping donald trump, Narendra modi g20 summit, Us iran tensions

Xi Jinping and Trump are having a bad year. Modi isn’t and he should capitalize on it during the G20 Summit

With heightened tensions between US and Iran, and India slapping tariffs on US exports, Modi will have to adopt a clear-eyed strategy at the summit.


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Muslim personal law, Uniform Civil Code, Triple Talaq

Muslims deserve their rights: Pushing a Uniform Civil Code will not unite India. It will only create more tension

If the government is seriously concerned about women impacted by polygamy, it should look at the high statistics of Hindu men doing the same. Instead, it is selectively targeting Muslims.


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Mohammed Shami, Virat kohli 2019 world cup, Jasprit Bumrah, India vs West Indies

Cricket World Cup 2019: Once mighty giants of cricket, West Indies simply collapsed before India

The Men in Blue (and sometimes orange) continue the winning streak and snag the second spot in the points table.


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Polar bear, Climate change, Rio river tragedy, Jharkhand lynching

The World, This Week: Three images that broke my heart into three thousand pieces

We are often told to not dwell on sad sights. But confronted with these three pictures, how could I look away? The taste of their despair settled deep within my mouth.