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Story Posted on 01-07-2019


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Feminism, Sexism, Love, Acid attack survivors

When rejection meets rage: Many men deal with rejection not with understanding, but with anger and huge violence

Men need to understand that being told no can be handled with maturity and moving on. It does not have to involve violence on women, sheer anger and acid attacks.


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Retail inflation, Kelkar committee recommendations, Make in India, GST council

The Modi Masterstroke: How GST unified India

The Congress sat on the GST for years and did nothing. In contrast, the Modi govt both implemented this path-breaking reform and kept improving it, to benefit the common citizen in multiple ways.


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Secret Superstar, Zaira Wasim, Religion, Bollywood

Controversy's child: Zaira Wasim

The former Bollywood actor has seen many controversies come her way!


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Mirage 2000, George Fernandes, Jaish-e-mohammed, Operation parakram

A Balakot that wasn’t: Vajpayee planned strike post Parliament attack in 2001

A Prime Minister to Remember written by former Navy Chief Admiral Sushil Kumar reveals the aftermath of the brazen terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament and the ill-timed Operation Parakram.


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India vs england match, India vs england world cup, India vs england live, Dhoni angry fans on social media

MS Dhoni, Please Retire! It pains me to say this as a Dhoni fan, but it’s time Captain Cool calls it quits

Given his recent performance, MS Dhoni should hang up his gloves while some people still say, but why? Not when everyone is demanding, but why not!


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Heroin, Drugs, Punjab, India pakistan border

Cross-Border Drugs: A huge 532-kg heroin haul caught at Attari post exposes the gap in our war on drugs

If the biggest ever heroin catch was planned for smuggling into India through the Pakistan-routed trade corridor, just imagine what we are receiving where there are no check-posts.


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Secret Superstar, Dangal, Religion, Zaira Wasim

Controversy's child: Zaira Wasim is looking for inner peace. Why should we come in her way?

Wasim has suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts. If she seeks peace through religion, why are we judging her? She doesn't have to live life according to our expectations.


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Dangal, Zaira retirement, Bollywood, Islam and islamophobia

A 'Dangal' of double standards: Zaira is right because her religion makes you uncomfortable

The young star’s decision to 'disassociate' from films has caused a furor that only shows how uncomfortable we are with the religion she cites. No wonder she feels it's time to go.


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Kuldeep yadav, Hardik Pandya, Virat Kohli, Virat kohli 2019 world cup

World Cup 2019: England's hopes soar for the Cup as they end India's unbeaten streak!

England won against India by 31 runs. Eoin Morgan's men made sure Virat's boys had a hard time in Birmingham. And Team India showed no intent to win.


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Mob violence, Jai shri ram, Lynching, Tabrez ansari

From sacred to profane: How the holy 'Jai Shri Ram' chant is now a cry of violence to lynch the terrified

Once words of calmness and beauty, the Hindu chant is now a signal, a dog-whistle, a weapon in the hands of lynch mobs targeting the most vulnerable.