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Story Posted on 05-07-2019


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Budget for startups, Nirmala sitharaman budget, Budget 2019 highlights, Budget infrastructure

Budget 2019: Experts and the Economic Intelligence Dashboard

The budget's out. But what does it mean to you? Experts on DailyO's panel explain.


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Air force needs more squadrons, Defence budget good on papers, Modernisation of forces, Defence budget 2019

Ready But Unarmed: Why India's defence budget 2019 is such a huge letdown

The defence budget has seen no increase from the overall interim budget, which falls well short of weaponry and investments our armed forces desperately need, given our challenges.


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Pakistan dossier fatf, Pakistan india tensions, Hafiz saeed to be arrested, Pakistan hafiz saeed

The Jumlas of Pakistan: Pak says Hafiz Saeed will be arrested. Yet again.

Pakistan faces world disapproval and the drying of funds over its support to terrorists like Hafiz Saeed. But its moves to 'take action' are impressing no-one.


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Mose, Anti-tourism, Tourism, Basilica

Goodbye, Venice: Inspiration to artists, writers and lovers, the legend is now sinking, in crowds, climate hazards and callousness

Venice can still take your breath away. But the truth is, the famed island city is choking to death and no one seems to care enough to stop this.


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Rampur, Monsoon, Sweet, Andarsey

Rampur ke Andarsey: The gorgeous, crisp, golden-fried sweet is typically monsoon on your plate

Delicious andarsey, once made with rain water, deep-fried in large kadhais brimming with ghee, are inextricably linked with the smell of wet earth, songs of monsoon loves and Indian longings.


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Stand up india, Angel tax, Budget for startups, Startup television

Union Budget 2019: For the first time, the Union Budget encourages India's startup entrepreneurs in heartening detail

From cutting angel tax to portraying startup entrepreneurs on TV, Union Budget 2019 gives a much-needed boost to young risk-takers in India, also making them a motor of growth.


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Cardiac arrest, Mumbai Rains, Mumbai, Door no. 1

Life is right now: The much-loved Mihir Bijur’s sudden death shows us an eternal truth

My friend on Twitter and one of the most loved people around, Mihir Bijur, was taken away much too soon. But he has left in his wake some crucial lessons about life and how to live it.


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Budget 2019, GST, Budget speech, Nirmala Sitharaman

Union Budget 2019: Nirmala Sitharaman sets the pitch for transformative inclusive growth

Huge outlays for infrastructure development and power generation as well as public-private partnership in railways will help India's overall growth.


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Tax, Startup, Nirmala Sitharaman, Union budget 2019

Union Budget 2019: Nirmala Sitharaman's maiden Budget is long on intent, short on detail

A Union Budget must be more than a roll-call of schemes, however innovative.


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Project management, Housing scheme, Roads development, Budget infrastructure

Union Budget 2019: It made the right noises but rushed past concrete measures for full infra development

Nirmala Sitharaman's maiden Budget underscored the vital role of infrastructure in India's growth. However, it also missed on a number of key areas to strengthen exactly that.