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Story Posted on 06-07-2019


 |  4-minute read
Dynasty politics, Narendra Modi, Congress president, Priyanka gandhi vadra

The 'D' Delusion: What the collective Congress meltdown says about India’s feudal family politics

The Congress is having a breakdown facing political life without the direct running of the Gandhis. There are very important lessons for other political parties here.


 |  3-minute read
Narendra Modi, Fiscal deficit, Union budget 2019 highlights, Nirmala Sitharaman

No decisive step to arrest the economic decline in Union Budget 2019

New Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has begun her innings on a non-transparent note that affects her budget estimates for revenues, expenditure and fiscal deficit.


 |  3-minute read
Real estate, Narendra Modi, Budget infrastructure, Budget 2019 highlights

Union Budget 2019 is not populist but can increase the pace of development in the country

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman opted for economic development as opposed to people-pleasing for the 2019-2020 budget and it makes sense.


 |  6-minute read
Nirmala sitharaman budget, Anurag Thakur, Narendra Modi, Union budget nirmala sitharaman

Modi 2.0 Budget is high on hope, less on specifics

A classic case of having fingers in too many pies, despite the boost for electric vehicles and startups, the Budget failed to enthuse the stock markets


 |  9-minute read
FII, Sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas, Jal shakti abhiyan, GDP growth

Union Budget 2019: Nirmala Sitharaman presented an inclusive, ambitious, growth-oriented budget

Naysayers accusing the Budget of taking baby steps without radical reforms have clearly missed the plot.


 |  Hello, Health  |  3-minute read
Diet recipes, Fad diets, Weight loss mistakes, Raw food diet

5 reasons why you should not switch to ‘raw food only’ diet just yet

The pluses of uncooked food are many but don’t convert before hearing out the pros and cons for this extreme step.