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Story Posted on 09-07-2019


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Judgementall hai kya, Ban kangana, Twitter Trolls, Misogyny

Dear Kangana and Rangoli, you invoke the nation to hit your critics. But you're missing what India is all about!

Of course you have the right to be annoyed at a bad review. But why does writing that make us 'anti-national' in your eyes? Don't you believe in India's freedom of speech?


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সুনীল গাভাস্কার, Ravi Shastri, Maninder singh, Sunil gavaskar birthday

Maninder Singh: 'Happy Birthday, Sunil Gavaskar! Sunny is truly the god of concentration who also guided young talent'

On cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar's birthday, his teammate Maninder Singh recalls how the little master led boldly from the front, mentored young players and honed Ravi Shastri's talent.


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BJP, Cwc, Congress working committee, Congress

Congress' Zero Sum Game: Rahul Gandhi's Russian roulette is a dangerous play for the Congress

Rahul Gandhi's resignation at this point is inexplicable. He should have waited till the storm blew over and then handed over to a deputy.


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G20 summit osaka, Donald trump narendra modi, Narendra modi g20 summit, G20 summit

Decoding Modi’s strategy at the G20 Summit: India takes a strong stand on fugitive economic offenders and terror financing

Not only did India not join the ‘Osaka Track’ on free data flow, we even boldly stood up against terror financing and economic offenders who are living in a safe haven.


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Nirmala sitharaman budget speech, Nirmala Sitharaman, Goods and services tax, Budget 2019

Big bangs but slowly: How Nirmala Sitharaman followed the Modi philosophy in Budget 2019

Those criticising Budget 2019 have not yet understood Modi's strategy or his vision. Little wonder he is no longer addressing them, down to the bahi khata his Finance Minister carried.


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Infertility, Surrogacy Bill, Abortion laws, Right to reproduce

The Right to Reproduce: In New India, women must have full legal rights on their own wombs and how they procreate

A court recently allowed a woman to have a child by the very man she was divorcing. The case also spotlights other crucial reproductive issues in India including infertility, ART, surrogacy and abortion.


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Delhi elections 2020, Congress, BJP, Sapna choudhary

Smart Girl, Sapna Choudhary: The dancer-turned-BJP neta is already a seasoned politician as these three moves show

The dust of the Lok Sabha Elections has settled. The singer tested the waters and officially joined politics, keeping the Delhi elections in mind.


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Virat Kohli, World Cup 2019, Sourav Ganguly, India Vs New Zealand

India vs New Zealand: From sitting without shifting to not watching at all, what superstitious cricket fans do!

Cricket matches are when we indulge in superstitions on a mass scale. Some of these rites are fun. Some are totally bizarre!


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Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Violence against women, Misogyny

Baby, love hurts: Bollywood's romance with violence against women has been its most enduring affair

From Amitabh Bachchan to the Khans, Bollywood has always normalised violence against women. Today, 'Kabir Singh' director Sandeep Vanga describes violence as expressing true love.


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Guru dutt 94th birth anniversary, Guru dutt kaagaz ke phool, Guru dutt birth anniversary, Guru Dutt

A tribute to the brilliant Guru Dutt: The great master of the art and craft of film making

On his 94th birth anniversary, we pay a tribute to the legendary actor and director, Guru Dutt, and celebrate his unique contribution to the world of cinema.