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Story Posted on 11-07-2019


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Long working hours, Operators abused, No security at booths, Life of toll operators

Abused, intimidated, attacked: A day in the life of female toll booth operators

Standing there for 10 hours daily, in searing heat, facing abusive customers who even slap them and pull their hair, female toll booth operators truly see the world pass by.


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Sheikh Abdullah, Maharaja hari singh, Kashmir martyrs day, 13 july 1931

July 13, 1931: Not Martyrs Day but Black Day for the Hindu narrative in Jammu and Kashmir

On this day in 1931, Kashmir saw a revolt against the Dogra royals and Hindus. The day has been spun to represent Martyrs Day, commemorating Muslims storming a prison, forgetting the truth.


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Ayman al-zawahiri, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Pakistan

Meet The Neighbour: Pakistan is behind Al Qaeda chief's message to inflict 'unrelenting blows' on India

Jihadist groups, and their patron, Pakistan, are prepping for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. Their aim is to unleash terror in India. It is a time for us to be on utmost guard.


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Rajiv Gandhi, Shah bano case, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Arif mohammad khan

His name is Khan: And he could be our next President. Why Arif Mohd Khan may be the BJP's presidential nominee

Khan's utterances on reform in the Muslim community are much in sync with the BJP-RSS narrative. Could he be PM Modi's Abdul Kalam?


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Indian cricket fans, Ravindra jadeja, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli

Itna Sannata Kyun Hai Bhai? Why the Indian cricket fan revels in the fake agony of losing a simple game

Indian cricket fans have a fervent need for their side to win. Not play well or display skill but win. The intense desire for triumph is trumped only when the time comes to actually smash your TV set.


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Kangana hrithik controversy, Anand kumar biopic, Vikas bahl, Hrithik Roshan

Super 30 Movie Review: Hrithik Roshan and Vikas Bahl present a strictly average film despite great potential

Even with all of Hrithik's hard work and efforts, he sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm going with 2.5 stars out of 5.


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Zanjeer, Villain, Bollywood, Pran

Pran, whose name remained unique: Bollywood's admired villain, Pran, was so talented, parents shied away from naming kids his name!

Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dharmendra, all became heroes only by defeating Pran! He too floored viewers with his sardonic wit, flamboyant appearance and his chilling acting.


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Press Freedom, Media, Imran Khan, Pakistan

Pakistan strangles dissent: Pakistan silencing its media through diverse rules shows a bigger malady

This is not even about the shrinking freedom of Pakistan's media. This is a far larger and much more sinister design.


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Congress, Amethi, Rahul Gandhi, Dk shivakumar

Rahul Gandhi, opposition is no picnic: How DK Shivakumar proves Rahul Gandhi's Amethi message should be ignored

The political space, govt or opposition, is forever up for grabs. The Congress can afford to miss this truth at its own peril. Rahul Gandhi certainly has not understood it.


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Ind vs NZ, MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, Rishabh Pant

India and the World Cup: Why blame game is not the way ahead now

Instead of focusing on finding scapegoats for the defeat, let's focus on the truth. That New Zealand simply outplayed us.