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Story Posted on 14-07-2019


 |  4-minute read
Gujarat, Muslims, Godhra Riots, Disturbed areas act

Gujarat's Enduring Muslim Ghettoes: Laws like Disturbed Areas Act (1991) and amendments severely segregate the minority

Certain laws prevent the free intermingling of religious communities in living spaces in Gujarat. The political impact of such social arrangements on Muslim groups has been severe.


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Hema malini broom memes, Hema malini broom, Hema malini trolled, Hema Malini

Hema Malini's sweeping success: Full marks to Hema ji for not acting as the Swachhta Dream Girl!

In a world full of politicians who try to sweep over real issues with orchestrated efforts, here's why we must applaud Hema Malini.


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Scindia meets bhopal cm, Bhopal cm meet, Scindia bhopal visit, Jyotiraditya Scindia

Scindia in Bhopal: Union Minister’s day-long visit to the capital has got the country talking about possibilities of a cabinet reshuffle

Scindia caused quite a stir by saying that all top functionaries of the government, ministers and the CM are equal.


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Bengal tmc violence, Bengal cut money, Mamata banerjee cut money, Mamata Banerjee

Party Hopping Season in Bengal: Councillors in Bengal are switching sides faster than the speed of light, leading to political unrest

First, the party hopping, then the ‘cut money’ debacle — Bengal has never witnessed a state of lawlessness quite like this one, since the naxal period.


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Economy, Mughals, Akbar, History

Emperors of Extraction: The Mughals did not make India rich. Claims of their welfarism only buttress a political agenda

A riposte to Rana Safvi's argument on how the Mughals apparently strengthened India, while, in fact, Europe grew by paces just then and India's poverty shocked visitors.


 |  Tarar Square  |  6-minute read
Deep state, Maryam nawaz, Imran Khan, Pakistan

What's happening in Pakistan is exactly what should happen when a country gets freedom from family rules

Describe it as politics of vengeance. Face it as political victimisation. But the truth is that the process of accountability has shaken the powerful.