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Story Posted on 20-07-2019


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Padosan, Amitabh Bachchan, Bollywood, Mehmood

Mehmood Ali: The man who made people laugh and was often sad at heart

A tribute to the prince of joy and laughter on his 15th death anniversary.


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Delhi congress, Congress rahul gandhi, Delhi chief minister, Cremation tomorrow

When Sheila Dikshit gave up the chance to be India's Home Minister for a role in Delhi

The unsavoury leaking of letters from within the Congress must have caused a lot of pain to the former Delhi chief minister in her last few days.


 |  4-minute read
Brahmaputra, Floods, Climate change, Chennai water crisis

Floods or Droughts: How nature can cure India's impending water crisis

The idea of water governance should be based on demand management and adapting to the moods of nature, instead of trying to control it.


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Uttar pradesh cops, Congress lost, Karnataka bjp vs congress-jds, Dharna

Sonbhadra cemented Priyanka Gandhi as new Congress president. Now, Rahul can go on a world tour

Even though comparing Sonbhadra with ashes and Priyanka with a phoenix is rather premature, she has exhibited that she has in her something that her brother lacked – hunger.