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Story Posted on 27-07-2019


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General elections, Azam Khan, Lok Sabha, Women in politics

Double Standards Entirely: Why a career in politics is so much harder for a woman than a man

SP MP Azam Khan's recent shocking behaviour emphasised the deep misogyny even women politicians face. But there is a silver lining now.


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Visa extension, Narendra modi pm, West Bengal, Taslima Nasreen

Permit to reside: I treasure India more than many Indians. UPA targeted me. I hope BJP empowers me to stay

It's been 25 years since Bangladesh closed its doors to me. Despite the chance of living in the West, I chose India out of sheer love. So-called secular forces targeted me. Will others help?


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Divorce, Muslim personal law board, Muslim women, Triple talaq bill

It's not about divorce: Triple Talaq Bill doesn't punish Muslim men or those divorcing

The Bill seeks to punish those who violate both the Supreme Court's order and the spirit of the Indian Constitution.


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Prime Minister, Anti-liberals, Kangana Ranaut, Prasoon Joshi

More loyal than the king: Those protesting liberals' letter to PM Modi have had their brains turned to mush

As India’s best creative minds write a serious missive to PM Modi, urging him to curb communal crime, some others are complaining about the complainants themselves. Why is evident.


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Rbi vs modi govt, Foreign policy, Nirmala sitharaman budget, Budget 2019

The Name is Bond: Why be afraid of a sovereign debt?

Foreign scrutiny will trigger much-needed prudence in India’s fiscal management. It will also generate a new wave of economic reforms and lift our economy as happened in the '90s.


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Kumaraswamy loses, Yedyurappa, Trust vote, Karnataka mlas resign

Karnataka cursed by short-lived coalitions

The state’s brush with coalition politics started in 1983 but going by the current state of affairs, political alliances continue to have a poor track record in Karnataka.