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Story Posted on 29-07-2019


 |  17-minute read
Liberal mafia, Liberal intolerance, Liberals exposed, Open letter to pm

Who's afraid of Jai Shri Ram? Only the false liberal brigade whose hypocrisy is clearly showing now

For years, Indians faced a powerful narrative of 'backward' Hindutva and 'victim' Muslims, despite contrary facts. The 49 celebrities writing to PM Modi on intolerance show the same hypocrisy.


 |  Below The Belt  |  9-minute read
Unnao rape victim, Nirbhaya gang rape case, Moral Policing

Women’s bodies and moral policing: Hypocritical Indian society has no right to dictate norms to us

Crimes against women in India are spiking. Yet, instead of controlling men, society casts a severe eye on what the woman was wearing and who she was with. It's time we stopped listening.


 |  4-minute read
Dara Singh, Shashi Kapoor, Bollywood, Rajesh Khanna

Happy Birthday, Mumtaz! From starlet to superstar, the incredible journey of Mumu aka Mumtaz

Actor Mumtaz’s legacy of hit songs and memorable movies mesmerize her fans even today. Remarkably, she became a superstar with great struggle and huge dedication.


 |  8-minute read
Eid, Hindu Muslim unity, No burqa, Muslim women

Bindi, tulsi, sewai and Hanuman Chalisa: As a devout Muslim and a proud Indian, all of these add to who I am

Being a Muslim doesn't mean you can't light a diya in a mandir or not read the Bhagavad Gita or abstain from wearing a bindi. Doing all this has only helped me understand my faith more.


 |  3-minute read
Ramesh kumar, Bs yeddiurappa, Karnataka Assembly, Karnataka

Karnataka was no nataka: As BS Yediyurappa wins trust vote, 3 lessons we can't afford to miss

There are serious loopholes in our laws that let lawmakers get away with breaking the trust integral to our democracy. These gaps must be filled. Such lawmakers must be stopped.


 |  7-minute read
Human wildlife conflict, Wildlife conservation, Tiger Conservation, Tiger census

Tiger zinda hai: Yes, tiger numbers are satisfyingly high in India today. But it's still complicated

India has exceeded the count of 2,282 tigers promised at the 2010 St. Petersburg Declaration four years ahead of time. But what is the cost we pay for such large numbers?


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Box office clash, Laal singh chaddha, Bachchan pandey, Aamir Khan

The New Aamir Khan: How Akshay Kumar is slowly but steadily dethroning the 'thinking Khan'

Christmas of 2020, expect to see Aamir at the movies. But alongside, there will be Akshay Kumar. And there's more to the box office clash than meets the eye!


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Unnao rape case, Kuldeep Singh Sengar, Unnao rape victim, Unnao rape

Unnao rape victim embodies UP: Kuldeep Sengar's accuser's plight shows how CM Yogi Adityanath failed the state

The victim's security cover was missing. The truck that hit her car had its number plate painted black. This, after the victim lost her father in the case, and reported threats to her own life.


 |  4-minute read
Wildlife, Pilibhit tiger killing, Mob killing of tigers, International tiger day

Savage humans kill tiger: We rejoice over the tiger census, but what about the Pilibhit mob murdering a tiger?

On International Tiger Day, it is crucial to note that while tiger numbers are rising, so are the beasts within us as well.


 |  3-minute read
Child Labour, Youtube channels, Boram, YouTube

Child stars of social media: 6-year-old buys Rs 55 crore house by running a YouTube channel. Is this child labour?

A six-year-old is just too young to express if s/he wants to be part of a video or start a YouTube channel. Or even desires the multiple kinds of attention she's going to get via the Internet.