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Story Posted on 31-07-2019


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Islamic laws, Indian Women, Taslima Nasreen, Triple talaq bill

Triple Talaq from Reality: Abolition of the 7th century triple talaq won’t benefit women in 21st century India much

Medieval Triple Talaq was banned in several Islamic nations, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, decades ago. The delay in India shows the painful grip patriarchal religion has here.


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Majinder sirsa, Milind Deora, Malaika arora, Deepika Padukone

Udta Bollywood: Drugs or no drugs, here’s what happened at Karan Johar’s private party

A video of celebrities at Karan Johar's party has gone viral, but not for the stars themselves. Allegations of drugs being involved are flying thick and fast. Here's what really happened.


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Kuldeep Singh Sengar, Unnao rape case, Muslim women, Triple talaq bill

Nothing Selective About It: Triple Talaq Bill does not criminalise Muslim men. Like dowry, it simply punishes those breaking the law

For those asking if triple talaq was the most crucial issue in the country, the answer is yes. For Muslim women suffering its hegemony, it was. They will now not live in constant fear.


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Chimaeras, Human animal embryo, Science vs morals, Human animal hybrids

A mouse with a human heart? Japanese scientist plans to grow human organs in the bodies of mice

While Japanese scientist Hiromitsu Nakauchi's research could lead to new sources of human organs for transplant, the question of animal rights is also crucial.


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Congress, Cwc, Amrinder singh, Shashi Tharoor

How to make a Congress President: What Shashi Tharoor should know about the Congress Working Committee

Tharoor apparently asserts that the CWC can't decide the next party president as it's not an elected body. But over the years, the CWC made crucial decisions on the Congress leadership.


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Travelling, Bali, Indian abroad, Indian travellers

When Indians Travel: From pushing to stealing, why the Indian traveller is just so embarrassing

An Indian family recently made news for allegedly lifting items from their hotel rooms in Bali. Even as their video went viral, the truth is, they are not alone. There are millions like them.


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Unnao victim critical, Supreme Court, Yogi Adityanath, Kuldeep Singh Sengar

For Unnao rape victim, what good governance? If a CBI probe overseen by Supreme Court is her only hope, that says a lot

Kuldeep Sengar is finally expelled from the BJP and the UP authorities give the Unnao rape case sudden attention after the SC takes cognisance. The contrast with earlier is striking.


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Bs dhanoa, Indian air force: a cut above, Indian Air Force, Abhinandan varthaman

Indian Air Force is no game! IAF gaming app showing Abhinandan Varthaman undermines its own seriousness

The Indian Air Force thinks the game would inspire people to join the forces. Unfortunately, the opposite could happen.


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Road accident, Driving licence, Road Safety, Motor vehicle amendment bill

The right direction, finally: Why the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill is truly a historic turn

The Bill is a huge victory for every road safety activist in the country. It is also a significant help for every road accident victim. It will act as a deterrent and reduce accidents.


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Indian economy 2019, Muslims discrimination, Nationalism, Muslims and india

Why stop at Zomato's Muslim food delivery boy? Haters, boycott all these to be a proud nationalist!

If your food has a religion, then you should make these 'anti-Muslim' lifestyle changes to make sure you make you keep your own beliefs intact.