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Story Posted on 08-08-2019


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Goats slaughter, Animal sacrifice, Bakrid, Bombay High Court

Because home isn't a slaughter house: Bombay HC prohibits slaying of animals in houses for Bakrid

There will be no slaughtering of goats and sheep for Eid in people's homes, rules the Bombay HC. This is an order to be hailed.


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Amit Shah, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Article 370

Kashmir, a Kafkaesque nightmare: BJP supporters celebrate Kashmir's welfare as Kashmir is gagged

The PM tweets congratulating Kashmir, Ajit Doval sends videos of 'normal' life in the Valley and #KashmirWelcomesChange trends, all while Kashmiris face communications blackout.


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Vegetarian, Qurbani, Goat sacrifice, Eid

Sacrifice doesn't only mean killing an animal: Why I'm vegan on Eid and every other day

As a Muslim, I find going vegan far closer to my religious philosophy. It is also much better for health and for the planet. And you literally sacrifice your greed.


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Kashmir, University of kashmir, Hazratbal, Article 370

Article 370 revoked: Why the need to engage with young Kashmir is greater than ever before

Kashmiris have a sense of wonder and grievance. India can quickly fill the breach with real engagement. There are many there who are willing to converse, and to hear.


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Koffee With Karan, Saif Ali Khan, Bollywood star kids, Sara ali khan

Sara Ali Khan lugs her own luggage! Why this shook the internet

Sara Ali Khan is being praised for something millions of people do every day without any comment. Why do we always fall for the 'gracious celebrity' image?


 |  Musings from afar  |  4-minute read
Taiwan, China, Us china trade war, Vietnam

South China Sea on the boil. What should India do to tame the Dragon?

Unless India lends its voice and support to the cause of smaller regional states, China will continue to advance its claims primarily on account of its ‘might is right’ strategy.


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Diplomatic relations, Article 370, India, Pakistan

Pakistani diplomacy is limited now: The world is with India on Article 370

Pakistan's reaction to India abrogating Article 370 has been downscaling diplomatic ties and suspending trade. This need not bother India. Our attention should be on healing hearts in Kashmir.


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Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, Narendra Modi

Kashmir's Slippery Slope: Article 370's revocation sets a dangerous precedent for us all

The idea behind Article 370 was to respect culture, history and a political agreement made with immense belief. That stands broken today and the effects won't be limited to Kashmir.


 |  Below The Belt  |  5-minute read
Patriarchy, Misogyny, Jammu and kashmir news, Article 370 scrapped

License to Wed: Is 'gori ladki' from Kashmir a takeaway from the abrogation of Article 370?

Is marriage, as BJP MLA Vikram Saini implies, a political tool? One that could now be used by non-Kashmiri men wanting to marry 'fair-skinned Kashmiri girls'?


 |  10-minute read
Financial action task force, Jammu and kashmir union territory, Article 370, Pakistan

Pakistan punched by India's Article 370 move: Dumbstruck and desperate, here's what Pakistan could now do

Pakistan's rational options now are severely limited. However, expecting the rational from Pakistan might be expecting too much. Here's what India needs to be prepared for.