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Story Posted on 19-08-2019


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Man vs wild viral, Bear grylls and narendra modi, Bear grylls man vs wild, Pm modi man vs wild

Because you're incredible, India: Why I hope my show with PM Modi becomes the most watched in TV history

Writing exclusively for DailyO, Bear Grylls discusses shooting with PM Modi and why he thinks scouting could empower young Indians to be leaders and help preserve the environment.


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Usa vs germany, World War II, 1965 India-Pakistan War, Kargil war

The Higher Call: Two tragedies, 34 years apart, in the Rann of Kutch airspace

What happens if an Air Force pilot decides to be human first, though the rules of warfare of his country mandate that no mercy be shown.


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Britain, Extradition bill, China, Hong Kong protests

Why Hong Kong is exploding in China's face: The friction between the two has long roots

China's latest extradition bill is only the spark to tinder that has accumulated over years. China and Hong Kong have been at loggerheads with each other and this goes back a long way.


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Jammu and kashmir latest news, Modi address on article 370, Article 370 narendra modi, Article 370

My Open Letter to PM Modi: Kudos on Kashmir, PM. But beware too for our hostile neighbour will not back off so soon

Pakistan's target could now well shift to Punjab, where it has already fomented terrorism and introduced drugs. In addition to keeping Kashmir on the boil, its Punjab plans must be nixed.


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Golmaal, Death Anniversary, Utpal dutt

Utpal Dutt Today: How would the thespian have fared in the age of Netflix and Chill?

It's 26 years since Utpal Dutt passed on. Would he have achieved the same glory today with online platforms, where ‘content’ and ‘actor’ surpass the ‘star’, but have a much shorter screen life?


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Congress, Haryana assembly elections 2019, Haryana assembly elections, Bhupinder Singh Hooda

Bhupinder Hooda's Mutiny: As Congress faces rebellion, BJP’s plan to win 75 seats in Haryana Assembly looks easy

Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s open rebellion is proof that the Congress is paving the road for the BJP’s smooth comeback in the state.


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Entertainment, Bollywood, Ananya panday, Sonam Kapoor

And Sonam Kapoor is patriotic much: Why must our Bollywood stars exhibit ignorance on the most vital issues?

Did you know Sonam Kapoor's name has this particularly striking 'Kashmir connection'?


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Mirzapur, Stree, Sacred games 2, Pankaj tripathi

'Tripathi bach jayega!' Decoding Pankaj Tripathi and why India's drooling over this middle-aged guy

Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are passé. There’s a new heartthrob on the bloc.


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India vs pakistan at un, Pakistan raises kashmir issue, Pakistan kashmir issue at un, Pakistan at un

Naya Pak’s naya drama: Why it is important for India to win the battle of narratives

India has a lot of catching up to do in order to win the battle of perceptions.


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Diplomacy, Article 370, Kashmir, UNSC

Checkmate, Pakistan: How India has successfully changed the strategic dynamics over Kashmir

After Pulwama, India changed its Kashmir policy, going on the offensive. This rattled Pakistan. But it's been even worse hit by international support for India on removing Article 370.