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Story Posted on 05-09-2019


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Ranjoor kashmiri, Militancy in kashmir, Shopian, Article 370

The real enemies of peace in Kashmir's militancy-ridden Shopian

Those who killed Ranjoor Kashmiri, those who push children to stone-pelting and those who ripped off Shopian’s peace are all connected by a sinister design.


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India-Russia relations, Vladimir Putin, Eastern economic forum, Modi in Russia

Why India and Russia need to push the refresh button on their ties

Global trends are evolving rapidly and major powers must redefine ties with each other to match contemporary requirements.


 |  3-minute read
Devendra Fadnavis, Amit Shah, Maharashtra Elections

Maharashtra polls: Why BJP won’t break alliance with Shiv Sena

The numbers are on BJP’s side. The party still won’t ditch its ally.