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Story Posted on 19-11-2019


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AIMPLB, Babri Masjid, Ram mandir, Ayodhyaverdict

Ayodhya verdict has led to Muslim vs Muslim more than a Hindu-Muslim rift

After the Ayodhya verdict, the Hindu-Muslim discord was prevented, thanks to the steps taken by the administration and community leaders. But Muslims in India are now divided.


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Khatna, Female genital mutilation, Sabarimala verdict, Sabarimala

Seven-judge bench on Sabarimala won't open Pandora's box, it could rather close it

The Supreme Court must not reverse the trend of affirmative action to back equal rights for women.


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Fiction, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, Book excerpt

War, conflict and friendships in Ceylon: Suncatcher

A riveting excerpt from Romesh Gunesekera’s coming-of-age novel that explores difficult friendships and sudden awakenings against the backdrop of the changing face of Ceylon.


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Maharashtra assembly elections, BJP, Maharashtra government, Maharashtra

Why BJP is responsible for the Maha disaster

The party does not have a clear majority in most of the states it claims to rule.