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Story Posted on 05-03-2020


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Women suicides, Suicides, Women's Day, Internationalwomen'sday

More housewives in India kill themselves than farmers. A token Women's Day is no help

There is no acknowledgment of the deaths of homemakers, just as there is no acknowledgement of their lives.


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Narendra Modi, Holi, Covid-19, Coronavirus

DailyOh! Why you can't stop touching your face, to the disease that wiped off the mastodon

You can prevent the spread of coronavirus by 40 per cent by just not touching your face. But why do we keep touching our face all the time?


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Delhiriots, India-myanmar-thailand trilateral highway, Cmec, China-myanmar relations

Why India must get Myanmar right

Besides India’s neighbourhood policy, fructification of the wider Indo-Pacific policy of India also depends on its relations with Myanmar.