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Story Posted on 06-03-2020


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31 Covid-19 cases in India: Who, where and all you need to know

With 31 cases testing positive for Covid-19 in India and a new case coming up almost every day in the past week, the infection is spreading faster than you think.


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Who failed Delhi?

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about how Delhi riots were a breakdown of institutions designed to anticipate, avert and act against communal incidents, in the March 16, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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DailyOh! Why all bank crises since 1860s look the same, to how an Indian maharaja beat Winston Churchill

The Yes Bank crisis takes us back to the Presidency Bank of Bombay.


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Understanding the bias of the western media in covering Delhi violence

Foreign media rarely analyse why an overwhelming majority of India’s 200 million Muslims don’t want to settle in a Muslim-majority country.


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Tavleen Singh’s Messiah Modi is a book for Modi

In her new book Messiah Modi, the biggest charge Singh makes against Modi is that he has developed the ‘messiah syndrome’.