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Story Posted on 20-03-2020


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Life in the Time of Corona

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about the governments struggling to control the deadly coronavirus, in the March 30, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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DailyOh! Delhi gang rape convicts hanged on Friday, but why Friday wasn’t good for two others, to how to stop ‘Super Girl’ Kanika Kapoor

In 1984 and 2013, dates of two death warrants were changed because the people couldn’t be hanged on Friday.


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Looking for information on coronavirus? Wikipedia it

Amid a surge of information about coronavirus on social media and WhatsApp, there is one place on the internet where editors are working to make sure pages remain updated and reliable.


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Good girl meets bad boy in Netflix series 'She'

Until her late teens, acting was not even on Aaditi Pohankar’s radar. But with the Netflix series She, the actor appears to have found what she was looking for.


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Coronavirus outbreak: The truth about low testing

Thousands of dead bodies that are the most likely outcome of an uncontrolled outbreak can’t be hidden. Is the government playing with fire?


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Why Wuhan is the virus hub of China and the world

The coronavirus is not the first time a deadly infection has travelled to Europe from China. In 1347, the Plague, also believed to have originated in China, killed millions in Europe.