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Story Posted on 26-03-2020


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Hiv-aids, Leprosy, Stigma, Covid-19

Covid-19 will find a cure. Stigma will not

From leprosy, yellow fever, HIV-AIDS to Covid-19, diseases have always brought out the worst in mankind: the stigmatising.


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India, Poor, Coronaviruspandemic

The great hoax of India

The country lives from moment to moment, without forming a memory, without contemplating the past or the future.


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Nimmi, Lockdown, Covid-19, Coronaniruspandemic

DailyOh! Did Michael Jackson see the coronavirus crisis coming, to the choice that killed Nimmi’s film career

King of Pop Michael Jackson once got so scared of a mask that he had nightmares for years. Who wore that mask?


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Coronavirus pandemic, Digital revolution, Artificial Intelligence, Covid19

Is technology is a blessing or a curse in times of Covid-19?

While all the efforts are to find the vaccine and save lives with optimal arrangements, the concomitant role of digital technologies remains a mixed blessing.


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Michelle bachelet, Supreme Court, Citizenship amendment act, Unhcr

Why India needs to be on the 'rights' side of the United Nations

When UN OHCHR sought to file an intervention application in the Supreme Court against CAA, the Indian government claimed that no foreign party has locus standi on CAA as it pertains to Indian sovereignty.