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Story Posted on 06-04-2020


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Panchayat Review: Welcome to sweet and sour but our Bharat

The story lies in its people. In how they help a big-city fish survive in their dry village.


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Sonal Mansingh, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Classicaldancers

Why the karuna of dance forms is needed in this time of cornonavirus

Karuna represents one of the nine rasas - moods or sentiments - but in this age of corona it is dance karo-na.


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Epidemic diseases act, Covid-19, Coronavirus, Policebrutality

India needs an overhaul of its outdated law to fight Covid-19

The law invoked to deal with coronavirus, the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, has a dark and tainted history.


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DailyOh! When PM asked for diya and BJP leader responded with katta, to why it is a pink supermoon

BJP leader Manju Tiwari, along with all the cracker-enthusiasts from Sunday night, are covidiots.


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CORONICLES: How lockdown made my city in Canada a 'ghost town'

The rustling of the leaves that I loved so much, is anything but frightening now.


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Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: #9Baje9Mintues was a spectacle India will remember for long

Sometimes the best solution for those in agony is to take a pause.


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Reverse migration, Migrant labourers, Coronavirus, Lockdown

The poor are the most vulnerable

If supply-chains of essential goods and services remain broken, more deaths are likely of those who fail to get these basic entitlements as part of their fundamental rights.