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Story Posted on 21-04-2020


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Pm speech, Doctors Assault, Coronavirus in india, Covid-19

Doctors don't need thaalis and torchlight. Give them some dignity

Doctors, who we glorify as "incarnations of God" and bang thaalis for, are now being assaulted, spat at and even denied a decent burial.


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Covid-19, Justin Trudeau, Coronavirus, Lockdown

CORONICLES: How the lockdown taught me to be more considerate towards colleagues

When the Canadian government announced the lockdown, I was alone in a new country.


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Coronavirus, Covid-19, Rajasthan, Coronacrisis

What are the lessons for future in corona crisis

It is high time to realise our national duty and rise to the occasion and everything we do to be filtered through the prism of Nation First.


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Malinga, IPL, Kim Jong-un, Coronavirusinindia

DailyOh! Why Kim Jong-Un took a white horse up Mount Paektu, to the Malinga cut mystery

Kim's sister, jokingly called the Ivanka Trump of North Korea, is in the line for succession but we never know enough about North Korea.