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Story Posted on 25-05-2020


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Sports Ministry, Ivanka Trump, Migrants labourers, Jyotikumari

Jyoti Kumari's life is sport for middle class. Kuch yaad nahi rehta hai

While you will remember what happened to them, they have already moved on. Sab yaad rakha jaayega is a poetic line for middle-class soirees.


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Nepali women, Racial Attacks, Racial slurs, Paatallok

Dear Paatal Lok makers, I am Nepali and I am not a r*ndi

Already misrepresented and underrepresented in popular media, the last thing the Nepali community should face is the existence of this dialogue as a reference of the community.


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Hockey, Balbirsinghsr, Balbir singh dies, 1952olympics

Balbir Singh Sr’s highest hour: Winning the 1952 Olympic Gold for India

Three consecutive Olympic gold medals don’t come easy and in Balbir Singh Senior’s case, the gold medal was adorned with three hat-tricks, making it that much more special.


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Balbir singh dies, 1948 olympics, Hockey, Balbirsinghsr

A true nationalist hero: Balbir Singh Senior and the 1948 London Olympic Gold

Hockey legend Balbir Singh Senior was hailed by the nation for his two goals and feted as the new star in Indian hockey.


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Coronavirus, Sonu sood, Heatwave, Kimjongun

DailyOh! Who are Kim Jong-un’s kids, to why IMD is asking us to stay indoors from 1 pm to 5 pm

Kim Jong-un’s eldest is believed to be a son. But he himself wasn’t the eldest son of Kim Jong-il. Why then did he get to rule North Korea over his brother?


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Jammu and kashmir article 370, Article 370 repealed, Ram mandir babri masjid case, Modi 2.0

Year 1 of Modi 2.0: The value of removal of Article 370 for India's security

The Ram Mandir verdict was another historic event that people should appreciate as a great achievement of Modi 2.0.


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Supply-chain, Manufacturing sector, Indian Economy, Chinese Economy

Why India has to plan a marathon and not a sprint in attracting global supply chains

Global investors are looking for the best return on capital, access to skilled labour, robust infrastructure which can support operations at a competitive cost, and regulatory certainty.


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Gender Equality, Violence against women, Women self help groups, Women Empowerment

How women self-help groups can help curb domestic violence

A gender-just society can only be achieved when masses collectively condemn violence towards women.


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Covid-19, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Financial crisis, Madhyapradesh

A financial crisis has gripped Madhya Pradesh

Revenues have been reduced to a trickle, with businesses closed or working at sub-optimal levels


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Nepal monarchy, Nepal border row, KP Sharma Oli, India-Nepal relations

Why India can't go soft on Nepal

Nepal must be made to understand that the natural affinity and affection that most Indians have towards the Himalayan country must not be stretched or tested beyond a point.