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Story Posted on 02-06-2020


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American Police, Black americans, Racism in USA, Georgefloyd

I can't breathe: Black men and white-caller crimes

The white-caller crimes have led to black Americans having to defend their presence in public places. This goes beyond racial discrimination.


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Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, Herd immunity, Cyclonenisarga

DailyOh! Why Manu Sharma is out of jail, to how deadly Cyclone Nisarga is likely to be

In Delhi, the killer of Jessica Lal, Manu Sharma, has got an early release from jail. Meanwhile, Maharashtra and Gujarat are bracing for Cyclone Nisarga.


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Economic stimulus, Covid-19, Self-reliance, Aatmanirbharbharat

How India can truly become Aatmanirbhar Bharat

If we are aiming for a genuinely Aatmanirbhar Bharat, then just long-term measures aren't going to pass muster. We need short-term measures to deal with economic grief.


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Unemployment, Healthcare workers, Migrants labourers, Lockdown

Why India needs a new social protection deal

With the current pandemic-led distress cutting across sectors, segments and habitations, India needs a new nationwide social protection programme to salve the widespread economic agony.


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Toddlers, Parenting, Lockdown, Onlineclasses

Lockdown Parenting: How to deal with your child's online summer classes

If most of this year doesn’t seem normal to you, then how else will you explain online summer classes?


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Economy, Lockdown, Covid-19, Delhi-haryana border

Covid-19: Haryana government bordering on a dilemma

It appears that it is Hobson’s choice for Haryana: restarting the economy or halting the infection from Delhi.


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Aksai Chin, Galwan, 1962 Sino-India War, India-chinarelations

History lessons from Galwan

In a way, Galwan was the prelude to the 1962 India-China War.