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Story Posted on 26-07-2020


 |  8-minute read
Indo-China relations, Chinese expansion, Chineseaggression, China

Time to squeeze the dragon: How India can and should checkmate China

A long delay in a cogent response against China is ceding them a window to rework their strategy.


 |  Fortune Cookie  |  2-minute read
Ritu dalmia, Saif Ali Khan, Home Cooking, Cooking

How DIY cooks got their one-stop hangout

With no domestic help, and with parents spending more time with their children, cooking has become the new social adhesive.


 |  4-minute read
Kargil diwas, Indian Army, Kargil war, Vijaydiwas

Kargil War: A salute to the nation’s heroes

PM Narendra Modi's visit to the border areas is a firm message that the unquestioned leader of 130 crore people is there to assure the entire nation stands in unison behind the army.