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Story Posted on 04-09-2020


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Radio kaos, English rock music band, Pink Floyd, Rogerwaters

Roger Waters: The septuagenarian firebrand

Roger Waters is 77. He is still selling out concerts around the world. He is a loud voice on human rights issues — sometimes aggravating and occasionally troublemaking.


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Bullshit jobs, Debt: the first 5000 years, Anthropologist, Davidgraeber

Thank you, David Graeber, for shaping our minds

Known for his searing critique of capitalism, Graeber was most comfortable delving into the uncomfortable aspects of life.


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India today magazine, Jaish-e-mohammed, NIA, Pakistan

How the NIA tracked down the bombmaker of Pulwama

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about NIA tracking down Umar Farooq as the lynchpin of the Pulwama attack, in the September 14, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Rhea chakraborty, Tenzin nyima, Chinese aggression, Indiachinaclash

DailyOh! Death of Tenzin Nyima in Ladakh fighting China, and India’s top-secret unit

Why ethnic Tibetans are part of the unit set up in 1962 that no one knows about.


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Congress, Sachin Pilot, Ashok Gehlot, Rajasthan

Rajasthan's Game of Thrones: Will peace between Gehlot and Pilot last?

The Congress party would neither want to do away with Gehlot’s astute leadership nor with Pilot’s mass ground appeal.


 |  9-minute read
Aam Aadmi Party, BJP, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi

Is Congress dying a slow death or can it rise like a phoenix?

Congress has been in peaceful hibernation instead of seizing the day to reinvent itself. To rise like a phoenix, the grand old party has to once again win the faith of the masses.