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Story Posted on 14-09-2020


 |  KOCH DIARIES  |  4-minute read
Bookreview, John zubrzycki, Padmanabh singh, Gayatridevi

Gayatri Devi and Jai Singh to Padmanabh: What lies beneath the glamour of Jaipur

John Zubrzycki's fascinating inside story of India's most glamorous royal family, The House of Jaipur, breaks quite a few of the myths that anyone who has read about Gayatri Devi, came to believe in.


 |  7-minute read
Rhea chakraborty, Shiv Sena, Kangana Ranaut, Parliamentsession

DailyOh! What Modi govt told Parliament about deaths and jobs, to why Kangana Ranaut wants your voice

Who ate the data? Don’t ask the MLA who just found out the truth about the dog’s tail.