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Story Posted on 16-09-2020


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Indian Army, Line of actual control, Galwan valley, Indiachinaclash

Endgame Ladakh: Why India must insist on delineation and demarcation of LAC

Given China's repeated perfidy, deceit and deception along the LAC, and blatant violations of all protocols year after year, even a reversion to the status quo ante of April 2020 should not be acceptable.


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Clean India, Indore, Swachh survekshan 2020, Swachhbharat

Why every city should adopt the Indore model of waste management

Indore’s continuous success in the sector deserves accolades for consistent efforts and diligent planning for the entire waste value chain. The Indore model provides several examples that other cities can and should adopt.


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Food, Ilish, Bengali Cuisine, Hilsa

Hilsa is a grossly overrated and overpriced fish. Forget what Bengalis say

Yes, Hilsa tastes good. But have you seen the sheer amount of tiny little bones that this treacherous fish comes with?


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Chinese incursion, Parliament monsoon session, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indiachinaclash

DailyOh! Why Parliament discussed China in the middle of 1962 war, to what is Op Snow Leopard

The discussion in Parliament happened when India was in the middle of a war with China in 1962.