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Story Posted on 05-10-2020


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Dalit atrocities, Murder, Dalit women raped, Hathrashorror

How the axes of gender and caste intersect in investigating rape-murder

Rape as a symbol of impunity is an engaging question for all of us. It is important that the political elite bespeak caste-provoked rapes and bring it onto the agenda of the state.


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Donald Trump, Bihar Elections, Aiims report, Sushantsinghrajputsuicide

DailyOh! The truth about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, to how RJD dealt with rape accused MLAs

The AIIMS report says that there was no murder. But the report can’t settle the truth.


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Bread, Pizza, Lockdown cooking, Breadizza

Daily Recco, October 5: Breadizza, for the love of pizza with the convenience of bread

With the weather getting kinder, it is time to indulge in making and feasting on snacks like the breadizza we bring you today.