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Story Posted on 01-12-2020


 |  6-minute read
Pakistan, India, Mythology, Pseudoscience

Why growing pseudoscience in India and Pakistan is a concern

By intermingling unreality, mythology, and science, India and Pakistan are paving the way for fascism in intellectual freedom and thought.


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Justin Trudeau, Aids, Farm bills, Narendra Singh Tomar

DailyOh! Govt-farmers deadlock continues, Justin Trudeau told to stay quiet

After days of water cannons and tear gas shelling, the two sides sat across the table to resolve the crisis.


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Hiv-aids awareness, World AIDS Day, My brother nikhil, Dailyrecco

Daily Recco, December 1: My Brother Nikhil is a must-see on World AIDS Day

As one of the first movies to spread awareness in a relatively uninformed India, My Brother Nikhil did a great job of presenting tolerance, inclusion and understanding about AIDS and homosexuality.