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Story Posted on 15-02-2021


 |  5-minute read
Criminal politicians, Decriminalising elections, Election Commission of India, EVMs

How Election Commission can use EVMs as a tool to decriminalise politics

Though 97.86 per cent voters feel candidates with criminal background should not be legislators, only 35.20 per cent know they can get information on criminal records of the candidates.


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Coronavirus, Toolkit, Greta thunberg, Disharavi

DailyOh! What Disha Ravi wrote to Greta Thunberg on WhatsApp, to the 'return' of Covid

A WhatsApp chat shows Disha Ravi told Greta Thunberg to not say anything at all for a while.


 |  2-minute read
Racism in USA, Kiley reid, Such a fun age, Dailyrecco

Daily Recco, February 15: Such A Fun Age of friendship, privilege and race

Such A Fun Age speaks of an America that is not so much fun to live in. Kiley Reid’s debut novel is an easy read that is bound to make you uncomfortable about the subconscious assertion of privilege.