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Story Posted on 18-05-2021


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Moolchand hospital, Covid-19, Indian Medical Association, Drkkaggarwal

Remembering Dr KK Aggarwal: My friend and doctor

No doubt, Dr KK Aggarwal was a good physician. But I will remember him as an excellent human being who was dedicated to his profession, steeped in Indian traditions, and was ever ready to reach out to those in need and distress.


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Narada sting case, Cyclone tauktae, Covid-19, Dr kk aggarwal

DailyOh! Why govt dropped plasma therapy for Covid-19, to the high-level drama in Bengal

Scientists say that imprudent use of plasma therapy might have contributed to the emergence of different variants of Covid-19.


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Hollywood, Courtroom drama, 12 angry men, Dailyrecco

Daily Recco, May 18: The ingenious 12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men is used as part of the curriculum on filmmaking around the world.