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Story Posted on 04-06-2021


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India today magazine, Economic impact of covid-19, Covid-19, Covideconomy

FM Nirmala Sitharaman: The economy is a big challenge but we are up to it

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about the government's arduous job of overcoming the pandemic and reviving the economy, in the June 14, 2021 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Jammu and kashmir police, Militancy in kashmir, Rakeshpandita

Why J&K BJP leader Rakesh Pandita's killing is a policing failure

New Delhi needs to review its policy on Kashmir. At least with regard to the revival of smart policing — something that can save human lives — and also prevent the police from issuing statements, which seemingly abuse the idea of democracy.


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Kannada google row, Delta variant, Ksrtc, Mucormycosis

DailyOh! Delhi HC fines Juhi Chawla Rs 20 lakh, Delta overtakes Alpha in UK

Health experts in Britain have said that the Delta variant of Covid-19 has now overtaken the Alpha variant, which was first detected in Kent.


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Documentary, Netflix originals, Doping scandal in sports, Icarus

Daily Recco, June 4: Icarus, a documentary more gripping than most fictional thrillers

Icarus is considered among the best whistle-blower films in the recent past. A thrilling documentary with a climax that will blow your mind.