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Story Posted on 09-06-2021


 |  9-minute read
Central vista redevelopment project, Arts, Indian culture, Centralvista

Culture and symbols: Why India needs the Central Vista Redevelopment Project

If our outdated and under-dimensioned buildings are to be given way for new locations and modern upgrades, then we can't blame Covid's time. Covid hit India officially in March 2020. Plans for the CVRP were sanctioned and approved in 2019.


 |  6-minute read
Southern ocean, Tmc workers exodus, Jitin prasada, Freecovidvaccine

DailyOh! Why Jitin Prasada went to BJP, to five oceans on the planet

Former Congress minister Jitin Prasada left the Congress to join the BJP ahead of the crucial 2022 UP Assembly polls.


 |  2-minute read
Healthy food, Bajra raab, Covid-19, Immunity booster

Daily Recco, June 9: Bajra Raab, to make your taste buds happy and build immunity

The tasty bajra raab brings together the goodness of bajra and ajwain, along with the sweetness of jaggery with a zing of ginger.