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Story Posted on 10-06-2021


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Brain health, Ngangom dingko singh, Monoclonal antibody therapy, Covid deaths

DailyOh! How Covid can reduce gray matter, to the Ring of Fire in the sky

According to neurologists, survivors of severe Covid-19, who have required oxygen therapy, have shown a reduction in the gray matter volume.


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Netflix series, Web series, Sci-Fi, Black Mirror

Daily Recco, June 10: Black Mirror, if you're up for the chills

Black Mirror on Netflix underlines the concept that technology itself is not harmful to humans, but everything depends on how humans choose to interact with it.


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Covid precautions, Pandemic, Covid-19, Covidsecondwave

Covid-19 Second Wave in India: The storm that was

We need to work on the fallouts that we faced during the second Covid wave, and use our collective intelligence to fight new waves coming our way.